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August 07, 2014
Kay Boutique

Wholesale Displays & Stands

Wholesale Girls has what you need to stand out in the crowd of vendors at this summer’s boutique markets and fairs. You need the right displays for all of your boutique products. We offer wholesale displays and stands for necklaces, hats and more.

How you present your products is very important to successful sales. A quality hat display will showcase your most popular hats and wigs.

Don't just lay out your headbands flat on the table. Spotlight them with a circular headband display. 

Don’t just lay out your headbands flat on the table. Spotlight them with a circular headband display.


1 Inch Crochet Headbands You Can Embellish & Sell  Just $0.19 !


Embellish Your DIY Headbands With Wholesale Feathers

Ready to Start Your Own Business?

wholesale-hat-standWe know you’ve got the crafting skills to take your projects to a whole new level. We want to help the small business owners and the stay at home moms looking to increase revenue. Our quality displays and stands will give you the professional appearance your new boutique business needs.

Keep the focus on your beautiful hats with a clear stand. These are wholesale round plastic hat and wig stands that you can get for an additional 20% off with your coupon codes this week!

Show quality from product to display stands. Quality displays are good for business!

Necklace Hangers and Display Cards

Trying to show off your craftsmanship can be difficult when displaying necklaces laid out on a table.  Show more at a time and add height to your display table by hanging your necklaces!

You can showcase all kinds of boutique products using hanging display cards.  Show off bows, feathers, socks, leggings and all your small wholesale items.  Don’t forget your coupon codes: wsg10 & display for an extra 20% off!

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