DIY Rosette Espadrille Sandals

April 17, 2014
Kay Boutique


The defining characteristic of an espadrille are the ties that wrap around the ankle and calf. The neat aspect of this DIY project is you can use this method to make espadrilles out of any shoe or sandal.


Shabby Chic Rosette Hair Clips (6 rosettes needed)

1 inch Lace Elastic by the Roll 25 Yards





To begin, cut two 4 foot lace elastic strips.

Picture 1: Pull the lace elastic strip under and through the sandal and keep the length even on both ends.

Picture 2:  Cross the lace elastic over the top of the foot.

Picture 3: Bring both ends of the lace elastic behind the calf and make a second cross.

Picture 4: Bring both ends around to the front of the calf and make last cross.

Picture 5 is of the back of the calf. Notice how the lace elastic is crossed 2 times and the ends are brought around to the back of the calf and tied into a knot or bow.

Picture 6: Clip the shabby chic rosette hair clips to the center of the 2 front crosses and add the last rosette to the top strap.

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