DIY: Padded Decorative Clothes Hangers

January 22, 2014

Fun DIY: Spruce up your closet! Start organizing your clothes by item and sort by color of hanger! Use a strip of elastic or lace to wrap a clothes hanger and save money over the padded fabric-covered versions. With no gluing or taping easily reuse the strip of material at another time.


Supplies List:

Wooden Boutique Hangers $2.00

Stretch Elastic by the Yard $0.49 (4 yards needed)

1 inch Lace Elastic by the Roll 25 Yards $13.99 (4 yards needed)

Step 1. First measure about 4 yards of material (let’s use hot pink stretch elastic). Fold the strip in half and tie the middle of the elastic to the top of the metal hook on the hanger.


Step 2. Next, wrap the elastic tightly around the white wooden part of the hanger.

-Start by twisting the strip all the way around, working out toward the end of the hanger.

-At the end of the hanger keep twisting the strip around and work your way back up to the hook. Tuck the elastic to secure it while you wrap the other side of the hanger.

-Again, start by twisting the strip all the way around, working out toward the end of the hanger and work your way back up to the hook.


Step 3: Tie the elastic ends together. Cut off any excess material.


Step 4: Add flower hair clips or hair bows with clips to cover the knot.


Shop Wholesale Girls for high quality elastic and lace in a fashionable variety of colors.


Use paint, stickers or glue on beads as another simple way to decorate these fantastic Wooden Boutique Hangers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial. Please check out the Wholesale Girls You Tube Channel for the most recent video tutorial on this topic.

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