Feature Friday: Elastic by the Yard

October 31, 2014
Our fantastic feature Friday this week is our Stretch Elastic by the Yard! This fun stretch elastic is perfect for so many great DIY projects! From hair bands and headbands, to super creative holders and accessories, stretch elastic can be used for various amounts of crafts, projects, and DIYs. The more creative you get, the more fun it is to use stretch elastic! You’ll be surprised at how many ways you can use this simple crafting supplies.

Ways To Use It:

  • Hair ties
  • Headbands
  • Baby sandals
  • Stretching clothing
  • Creative chord holders
  • Decorations
  • Bedding
  • Bracelets
Some fun yet simple ways to use stretch elastic is creating fun, eccentric headbands, super cute chord holders, pretty vase decorations, and simple stretchy hair ties. For headbands, simply add your favorite flower, feather, or hair embellishment to your favorite color or pattern of stretch elastic and sew, glue, or tie the ends together to make the perfect headband. For chord holders, simply sew the stretch elastic together, creating two separate pockets to stick each part of the chord in, and add a cute pattern or design for a fun flair! Hair ties are simple, simply tie them together, and you’ve got yourself a perfect stretchy hair tie! Vase decorations or other decorations can be created a lot like the headbands. Simply take your favorite embellishment and add onto the stretch elastic and you’ve got yourself a unique set of decorations!

Another fantastic way to get creative with stretch elastic is cute no sew baby barefoot sandals! The perfect little accessory to your precious little one! These simple  sandals are easy and fun. Simply wrap the elastic in any pattern you want and sew or glue the ends onto the back of the featured embellishment you added to the front! We recommend our darling rosettes to use as the sandal embellishment! You can find them here. 

You’ll find all our terrific stretch elastic by the yard HERE 

We want to see your pictures of your creative ways to use Stretch Elastic by the Yard! Send them in to socialmedia@kayboutique.com or to us through Facebook, and we will send you a FREE GIFT!

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