Hello Headbands

October 29, 2014
Today we’re celebrating our wonderful selection of headbands! These beautiful skinny stretch, velvet, and lace headbands are perfect for almost any occasion, and can be worn in a various amount of fun ways! Our select headbands are perfect for any style, and can be customized with any of our fun bows, flowers, or embellishments! Get creative and see all the fun ways to spice up these headbands!

Be sure to check out any sales, promo codes, etc that are going on, assuring you the lowest wholesale prices!

Lovely Lace:

Very Velvet:

Stock up on all headbands and all things Wholesale Girls! Submit us pictures of you or your little lady rocking our darling headbands, and we will send you a FREE GIFT!  Send them to us at socialmedia@kayboutique.com or through Facebook! 
Our lovely lace headbands come in a simplistic style and also in an adorable style with a chiffon flower and pearl embellishment. Our skinny stretch headbands come in a various amount of styles, from animal print, to small daisies, to simple headbands. Our velvet headbands are casual, yet elegant, making them perfect for holidays and formal get togethers.

Stylish Skinny Stretch:


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