Skinny Elastic Headbands!

November 24, 2014
Stock up on all things skinny elastic! These headbands are perfect for those who like to customize their own little girls accessories. The clip loop allows you to attach any hair clip of your choosing! Choose a clip to compliment your headband or go with a contrast for more of a stand our piece on your own DIY headbands!

Personalize your headbands:

Add your favorite hair bow,  hair feather, or hair accessory to these skinny elastic headbands for a cute, personalized look and feel!
Send in your pictures and receive a FREE GIFT! 

-simply send in your pictures of you or your little lady rocking her adorable skinny elastic headband with clip loop in whatever way she chooses, and we will send you a free gift!

Send them into or post them to our Facebook! 

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