Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Or Bag

June 30, 2014
Kay Boutique

Add a touch of love to a wide variety of your personal items. A beautiful sequin-edged flower heart added to your daughters backpack will remind her of how much you love her every time she reaches for her books. It’s the small things that kids will remember. Remind her that your heart is with her wherever she goes.

personalized sequin trimmed heart trimming wholesaleThe sequin-trimmed hearts from our Wholesale Girls store are easy to attach to any fabric using a low heat hot glue gun. Hot glue guns can wear out from overuse and we all know how much you love that hot glue gun! Is it every Monday or Tuesday that you attend HGGA (Hot Glue Gunners Anonymous)? When you’re ready for a new one Wholesale Girls will get you the best deal here!

The backs of these hearts are flat with a mesh netting so they’re easy for anyone (novice gluer or HGGA founder) to use. Here are a few tips for that novice user:

  • Hold the hot glue gun close to what you’re gluing
  • Lay off the trigger,  pull the tip sideways just a bit to “cap” the glue and pull away
  • Put a bowl of ice water nearby to hurry and dip your finger in if you get hot glue on it. 
    • Or don’t burn yourself.

We have quite a few different designs and of course the gamut of colors to pick from! And don’t forget, for a limited time you can get an extra 35% off your order using the promo code summer35 when you checkout!

Click the hearts below to start picking out all the different colors you want.

At this wholesale price, you could get 10 of each!

sequin trimmed flower heart trimmings


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