Wholesale Halloween Costume Ideas!

September 23, 2014
With Halloween right around the corner, you might be rushing to find a perfect Halloween costume for your little lady. Well don’t fret, Wholesale Girls has a lot to offer! From fun princesses, to fairies, to super heroes, Wholesale Girls puts a fun spin on any popular Halloween costume idea!
Check out some of our fun Cutie Costume Ideas with items that you can buy right in store!


  • Stressing about what costume to try for your little girls? Well don’t worry, LET IT GO! Try dressing them up as everyone’s favorite sisters from Arendelle, Anna and Elsa! The popular Disney movie Frozen has every little girl jumping for joy with their new snow powers, and they will absolutely love when you suggest this idea for their Halloween costume!
    Or try a super cute Mommy & Me idea: Mom could go as Elsa, and her little lady can go as Anna! Even try adding a cute Olaf costume to one of your furry friends!
  • Get fun and frilly when you dress up like Tinkerbell! Your little girl will love when you suggest she tries out Tinkerbell for this year’s costume. The tiny, sassy fairy is an absolute household favorite for little girls worldwide! Simple enough to make at home, yet cute enough to get noticed, Tinkerbell is an absolute must for this Halloween!

Cutie Costume Idea 3.

Batman & Robin, the superhero dream team! Your little girl will love this unique costume idea, and you will love the price it costs to make it!

For Robin:                                                                                                     

For Batman:

Cutie Costume Idea 1.

Anna and Elsa from Frozen! You can create this outfit with items found right in our store!

Shop our 5 layer tutus  and our Crochet tube tops matched with our 1.75 inch sequin headbands and marabou fluff puff to create this cute Anna and Elsa look, and channel your inner crafter to create the cute designs on each tube top!

Cutie Costume Idea 2.

Everyone’s favorite fairy Tinkerbell! Make Halloween magical this year when you dress your little girl up in our cute DIY Tinkerbell outfit!

Get these items!


  • If your little girl is looking for a matching outfit with her friend/sister, try out Batman & Robin! This cute super hero duo is unstoppable this Halloween season. Wholesale Girls frilly twist on this super team is absolutely adorable, and every little girl will love it! They’ll love when you keep them cute and powerful in our Batman & Robin costume!

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