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Popular Summer Items for All Occasions

Featuring Wholesale Girls most Popular Summer Items

Summer is well underway and it feels great.  Birds are chirping, dogs are barking, sun is shining and if you know anything about Livingston, MT, Well you know the wind is blowing.  I like the idea of a gentle breeze on a hot day, but to tell you the truth, this wind drives me ~crazy~!  It is sure a good thing we have so many options for the summer time blues. Or at least my summer time blues. The trends of the summer are already clear…the cutest rompers, dresses, and of course the swimming suits!  Wholesale Girls most popular Summer Items features many items that you can use for Weddings, Parties, and DIY projects. If you are needing to accessorize that wardrobe or add the perfect look for that special occasion, Check out our most popular items for the season.


      Chunky Hair Bow

Wholesale-girls-most-popular-summer-items-irregular-chunky-hair-bows-without-clipOur Chunky hair bows come in a variety of colors and gives you an option for every outfit.  Clip a Large Chunky bow on a crochet headband, placing the bow off center. Or give those oh-so-easy pig tails a lift with two small bows.  I for one, am a huge fan of these because of the versatility.  Think about the options with a flower girl dress.  Add a little flair so make that dress unique for the wedding of the summer.  The little girl in my life is not big on getting her hair all done up.  She would rather have it tangled and messy…Uhhgg!  I sometimes tell her at meal time she gets more of her hair in her mouth, than food.  Having a simple bow in her hair is a great compromise for both Mom and daughter.:)



Tulle for Wedding favors

tulle_group_no watermark

Our soft fine mesh tulle can be used in a number of crafting projects.  One of  Wholesale Girls most popular Summer Items is a great material for making tulle puffs and adding layers to your headband, flower clip and hair accessory DIY projects.(look for our upcoming Bridal Halo blog!) The 100 yard spools are ideal for wedding favors, decorations, resellers, or any crafting needs. We offer a wide range of colors so that you can coordinate to your wedding, holiday and crafting theme. This is the perfect choice for adding a romantic touch to clothing or accessories because it is so delicate, light and airy.


  Bridal or Flower Halos

flower-headbands-redOur high quality Flower halo features blooming rosettes atop a brown leather headband. The leather is intertwined with a gorgeous green satin material that twists and twirls into beautiful leaves.  The headband is great because of its stretchy black band to fit all ages.  A perfect summer accessory or as a final touch to a flower girl outfit…which leads me to the delicate, whimsical Bridal halo we offer.  It also is a perfect touch for a bride-in-training.  Our Bridal Halo has small white satin roses set on little green leaves along the band and tails of ribbon.  These Wholesale Girls most Popular Summer Items are so beautiful set against any dress for a special occasion.

*Look for our upcoming Bridal Halo blog for great options to make your Halo unique.*


Princess Puff Hair Bow


A Princess Puff Hair Bow gives that little princess of yours some flair and pizzazz.  Now this Wholesale Girls most Popular Summer Items has some personality if I do say so myself.  Offering many prints and many colors! The added marabou is the icing on the cake.  You will find a special princess puff bow for every occasion and holiday.   Summer time sales are hot with this bow so take a look at all the options you have to make this one of your best sellers!




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Reach Your Inner Child for Father’s Day

Reach your Inner Child…Father’s Day at Wholesale Girls…Family Supply ProjectFathers-day-craft-little-boy-mart-tie

LEAPFROGSun is Shining today, No Wind!  Whoop, Whoop!  I have to say that I am very happy I can walk outside without feeling like I might fall over. I am getting geared up for a beautiful summer weekend.  What are y’all doing over the weekend?  It is Father’s Day remember.  Father’s Day at Wholesale Girls offers craft supplies to help make gorgeous cards or bling out a tie.  Look over our supplies for your special day craft needs. In our area, we have a parade the kids enjoy on Sunday morning.  Then a rodeo to follow in the afternoon.  It is a great event for a day of celebration with their father.  A few years ago, the kids and I were so excited about an idea we saw in a magazine to let their dad know how much they love him.  It was a huge success, a “blast” you could say, pun intended.  I want to share it with you because it brought so much joy for all involved!  Okay so all the supplies you need are:



  • Balloons (Don’t get cheap ones, you’ll understand why having stronger ones is much better:)



  • Construction Paper-several colorss0219628_sc7

  • Permanent Marker754871_p

  • ScissorsThe-Original-Orange-Handled-Scissors-8


    You and thegloodle_pink_glitter_glue_with_4_tips kids start writing special memories, “I Love You” notes, anything that will make their dad feel great.  You can spice these up a little with our Glitter Glue or Neon Glue.  For Father’s Day at Wholesale Girls we also have a Gloodle for more precise pictures your little artist might like to draw.  Transfer these notes to about 2″x3″ pieces of paper(that is what the scissors are for).  Each child could just use one color and when all this is over he’ll know who the note is from or just use a variety…whatever floats your boat.  Fold the paper in as small and skinny of piece as you can.  Start filling the balloons up with glitter_glue-680x680_1one note per balloon.  After this step is completed start using your lungs and fill those babies up with air.  When the time is right, the fun begins.  Sunday morning after a yummy breakfast, tell dad you have a game for him to partake in.  The goal is for the dad to read the notes the kids made only after he pops each balloon, One. By. One.  This is where I feel a tad mischievous.  It is so fun to watch, especially when they try to sit on a balloon(Having the stronger balloon can make all the difference). *Hint: Don’t blow the balloons up too full with air, it makes them harder to pop and is hilarious to watch!



acrylic flatback stone embellishments

Our Flat Back Round Clear Acrylic Embellishments(pictured above) are perfect for Cards, giving Ties a little extra bling, or decorating a Little Note!

Wholesale Girls hopes your Father’s Day is Wonderful!!

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Cover Your Hair With Daisy Flower Hair Clips

Daisy Flower Hair Clips are a popular hair accessory that are for girls of any age. You can find the sweetest daisy hair clips, perfect for a summer day to elegant daisy flower hair clips suitable for a black tie event. It is important to stock your shelves with a variety of colors, prints, styles, sizes, paying particular attention to the center of the flower. The back of the flower in addition is just as important as the front. You have several backing options whether you are creating your own daisy clip or buying them with an attached clip. Backing options include snap clips, alligator clips, French clips, and bobby pins, the most popular being the partially lined clip. The center embellishment and the daisy petals that you choose will create the tone of the hair clips.

Types of Daisy Flower Hair Clips

Girls who love to wear daisy flower hair clips will have drawers full to the brim of hair accessories. When buying or creating flower hair clips to resell, its best to offer a variety in petal formation, materials and embellishments.  Mention to your customers that taking advantage of a variety of hair clips will help create a different hairstyle.

Lined Clips shimmer-crystal-daisy-hair-clip-purple

Lined clips are also known as alligator clips, single prong clips or metal clips. This type of clip pinches the two metal pieces together with a spring that resembles an alligator’s jaws. These clips are available as a standard clip – with out a ribbon lining or with a lined clip – a metal clip that has been lined and heat sealed with ribbon. Metal clips that are lined give a professional finished appearance.

Snap Clips

Snap clips are a simple and popular design of hair clip for young girls. A snap clip is made of metal and also can be lined with ribbon.  The upper piece is larger than the lower piece, and is more flexible, when pressed together they spring into a lock position. To open the snap hair clip, simply unbend the hair clip in the middle. Depending on the size of the snap clip depends on the size of the daisy flower hair clips you decide to use.

French Clips

French clips are available in metal or lined. French clips are made of two pieces of metal and has a push lever mechanism in the middle of the clip. French clips are good at holding in different amounts of hair, although you must be careful not to get the hair in between the snap.

Bobby Pins

A bobby pin is an extremely popular type of hair clip, although it does not hold weight very well. The bobby pin is often used with other hair accessories. Bobby pins are made of metal and are small and thin, with grooves in one side to hold the hair in place.

Consider Which Clips to Choose When Buying or Designing Daisy Flower Hair Clips

When buying or creating daisy flower hair clips, consider the type of hair clip that is best for the size of flower you are going to use. All the clips mentioned above are available in varying sizes that will be suitable to the design and to the age group in which you are selling to. Smaller clips are suitable for children and larger clips are important for teens to adults. A standard size – middle of the line clip will work for both age groups. The standard size is the most popular and meant to simply clip into the hair as an adornment rather than a clip to hold the hair back entirely on it’s own.

More Tips for Using Daisy Flowersmini-daisy-flower-hair-clip

Hair clips add a sense of style to those who cover their hair with daisy flower hair clips. Daisy hair accessories are a good choice to have in stock and for many occasions. For instance, add a shimmery crystal daisy flower head or crystal glitter daisies to a jaw clip. It is easy to do, with little product costs and time involvement and because they are a popular selling item.  For young girls, add a daisy flower head to a pony tail holder! Braids, ponytails and buns are the three most popular and kid friendly hairstyles!



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Headbands Fit For A Princess At Wholesale Girls

Headbands Fit For A Princess!

At Wholesale Girls you are sure to find Headbands Fit For A Princess! The number one selling headbands are those that provide A wow factor. This does not mean that the headband has to be bright and big. A small beautifully made headband will have the same eye catching effect.  Read on to see how simple it really is to make a princess perfect headband.

What to look for in Headbands Fit For A Princess.Wholesale-Girls-Shabby-Flowers-For-Headbands

Looking for that perfect headband is easier than you think! The most important detail is to pay attention to the age in which you are making the headband for. For 3 years and under, pay attention to the chocking hazard and to the fact that babies have soft gentle heads. Then start with the type of headband you want to use. There are hard arch headbands for older children and adults to soft and stretchy materials used to create luxurious looking headbands to trendy fashionable eye popping headbands.

Add the Main Attraction.

Adding the center piece or main attraction to your headband lends to many glorious options. Flower heads such as a singed or burnt peony with a shiny rhinestone embellishment or pearl cluster adds a classy touch to an interchangeable stretch lace headband. Or choose a daisy head and layer it with multiple colors for a fun summer appeal. Shabby flowers are always a great choice as well.

Finishing Touches.

Add just a touch of fancy such as pearl strings, feathers, embellishments or other wholesale boutique supplies. Make sure the embellishments do not blend in too much as they will fade the center piece away and not give that extra flair that you are looking for. Also, don’t over do it! Make sure your center piece is showing and your embellishments add to the theme.

Put It All Together.

You will need a glue gun and glue sticks to nicely secure your Headbands Fit For A Princess project. Another choice is to use a needle and thread and sew each piece together, tightly securing all the components of the headband. However, using the proper glue gun and glue sticks ensures your headbands security and durability.

Not In The Mood To Make A Headband?

Do not fret. Wholesale Girls offers a solid collection of Girls Headbands, Rosette Headbands, Tie or Knot Headbands, Big Bow Headbands, Chiffon Headbands, Baby Headbands and Beautiful Bands for all ages. Discover Headbands Fit For A Princess here and you will be amazed at the selection!



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4th of July Hair Bow and Headband Hair Accessories Roundup

4th of July Hair Bow and Headband Hair Accessories Roundup at Wholesale Girls

We are rounding up our 4th of July Hair Bow and Headband Hair Accessories just in time to celebrate this fun filled Holiday. Our products are in stock and ready to ship today.

4th of July Hair Bows

First on our roundup are hair bows. Patriotic and American Flag Hair Bows are an all time favorite, boasting of ribbons in red, white and blue. Offering prints galore featuring stars and stripes for evermore.

Best Selling Designs:

Double Knot hair Bow

Flower Hair Bow Clip with Pearl Center Red White and Blue

Girls Boutique Flower Hair Bow Clip Red White and Blue

Hair Bow with American Flag blue Silk and white Stars with Clip

Korker Hair Bow with Clip Red White and Blue

Large Hair Bow Red with Blue Silk and White Stars with Clip

Pinwheel Hair bow Red White and Blue

Striped Hair Bow with Clip and Ribbons Red White and Blue


Solid Color Hair Bows must not be forgotten. They are extremely popular and can be combined in any combination.

Rosette Hair Bow Pair Red

Small Chunky Hair Bows with Clip – Red, White, Blue

Large Chunky Hair Bows with Clip – Red, White, Blue

Solid Color Korker Bows – Red, White, Blue

Solid Color Mini Korker Bows – Red, White, Blue

Pinwheel Hair bow Red


4th of July Headbands

Next in line for our 4th of July Hair Accessory Roundup are Headbands. Headbands are an everyday essential, so why not accessorize in style? Wholesale Girls has an every growing headband supply, featuring:

Crochet Headbands in all sizes and colors including multi Red White and Blue

Arch Headbands

Elastic Headbands

Trendy Skinny Elastic Headbands with Flowers and Jewels

Mini Grosgrain Skinny Elastic Headbands

Lycra Headbands

Headwraps and so much more!

Combine our hair bows and headbands to make the perfect 4th of July Hair Accessory.

Here are a few pictures to showcase how the hair bows will look. The middle picture shows two korker bows side by side.


Enjoy and have fun with 4th of July Hair Bow and Headband Hair Accessories!

These hair accessories are all about the spirit of 4th of July. They all are made with quality and durability in mind. If you have any questions or would like to buy in bulk, please send us an email or at or call us directly 406-222-4853 – we are always happy to help!

Happy 4th of July!









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