Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Or Bag

Add a touch of love to a wide variety of your personal items. A beautiful sequin-edged flower heart added to your daughters backpack will remind her of how much you love her every time she reaches for her books. It’s the small things that kids will remember. Remind her that your heart is with her […]

5 Upcoming Art & Craft Festivals in Montana

You’ve put hours on end of hard work into your crafts. It’s time you not only show them off but start making money with your crafts. Kay Boutique is your leading wholesale supplier for all your home fabricated feminine fashion and we want to see your success grow too! Hobbies are healthy and some profit […]

DIY Flower and Ribbon Kufi hat under a $2

Supplies: Black Kufi Hat 5 Inch Zebra Print and Leopard Print Gerbera Daisies Scissors Glue Ribbon step 1 Lay your hat down flat and make sure the seams are the on sides. Look into your hat at make sure the elastic is tucked into the fabric. If it is not, push the fabric over the […]