We have a massive selection of boutique bows.

You name it and we have it. Wholesale Girls offers all kinds of bows including animal prints, korker, boutique, princess, velvet, ribbon, with clips, without…the list goes on! Check it out for yourself.

wholesale-girls-bow-sale-pink-example-in-hairThese bows are versatile too. Of course they look adorable as hair bows.  We have hair bows with clips that have shimmering rhinestone centers that will add that extra layer of flair you’re looking for.

The innocent eyes of a child are brought out by the bright colors of her hair accessory.

Her Pink Sparkle Princess Dress is also a favorite of many!




Whatever dress she is wearing, it’s a cute choice to append a bow to it. Adding a bow to a little girl’s dress transforms the dress into a whole new ensemble every time. Choose a bow with an already attached clip and it’s easy to change up your embellishments for every occasion.




The red velvet bows without an attached clip make your Christmas gifts that much more memorable. Is that what Christmas is all about? Making memories with your family.

You could also use just a dab of hot glue to attach the same style of bows that lay under your tree, to the ornaments above them.

The Large Red Velvet Bows adds classy charm to your holiday festivities.



wholesale-girls-bow-sale-brown-example-window-treatmentAnd speaking of charm, I love to see bows tying back window curtains. Nothing says “home” like pulled back drapes that let the sunshine in.  Change your window’s curtains and bow colors for every season and occasion.







For the women that love their heels, instead of buying another pair of expensive shoes, attach a bow to your already hot stilettos to make a pair of shoes no one has seen before!  Simply add a dab of hot glue to make the bows stay on the back of your shoes while you strut them around in style.

For little girls, adding bows to her simple flats will leave them anything but simple.  Little girls love to dress up like their moms. Go out for brunch in matching bow covered shoes.

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