Ask Annabelle: Preparing for February

Dear Annabelle,

February is a huge month for my business! With Mardi Gras (in March), Valentine’s Day, and the Superbowl coming up so soon I’ve been trying to stock up on certain items and color schemes. Can you give me a few suggestions for each event to help ease my search stress! 

Thank you!
Lake George, NY.


Dear Sarah,

All of us here at Kay Boutique are so glad to hear your business is thriving and you are staying busy! We are equally as thrilled to say that we definitely have something to fit all of your February needs!

1. The easiest of those events to shop for at Little Girl Mart is probably Valentine’s Day. We are known to carry a HUGE assortment of pink, red, and white clothing and accessories. I’ve chosen a few items that are my personal favorite, but I assure you we have so many options to choose from for this heartthrob holiday that the variations are nearly endless!

valentines outfit


Zebra Trimmed Tutu $3.98

Hot pink Leotard with Zebra Embellished Bow $5.49

Cotton Ruffle Leg Warmers Pink with White Hearts $2.99


2. When I think of Mardi Gras, I think of an extravagant and bold celebration. We definitely have items that are sure to stand out, and plenty of them! If you’re preparing a group for a Jazz or dance performance (or even a parade), we suggest you buy in bulk for matching outfits fit for a fabulous Fat Tuesday.

mardi gras outfit


Fluffy Solid Pettiskirts $12.49

7 inch Crochet Tube Top $1.99

1 inch Sequin Headband $0.49


3.Superbowl- I understand your stress with just that one word! We’ve got you covered, though. With a little something to match each remaining team color, preparing for this super day can be pretty easy. We also have some super cute football accessories, and some DIY ideas for you as well.

football outfit


Football Baby Crib Shoes $2.99


Hope you find all that your are looking for and more!! Make sure to look for current coupon codes when ordering ! 🙂


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