Cover Your Hair With Daisy Flower Hair Clips

Daisy Flower Hair Clips are a popular hair accessory that are for girls of any age. You can find the sweetest daisy hair clips, perfect for a summer day to elegant daisy flower hair clips suitable for a black tie event. It is important to stock your shelves with a variety of colors, prints, styles, sizes, paying particular attention to the center of the flower. The back of the flower in addition is just as important as the front. You have several backing options whether you are creating your own daisy clip or buying them with an attached clip. Backing options include snap clips, alligator clips, French clips, and bobby pins, the most popular being the partially lined clip. The center embellishment and the daisy petals that you choose will create the tone of the hair clips.

Types of Daisy Flower Hair Clips

Girls who love to wear daisy flower hair clips will have drawers full to the brim of hair accessories. When buying or creating flower hair clips to resell, its best to offer a variety in petal formation, materials and embellishments.  Mention to your customers that taking advantage of a variety of hair clips will help create a different hairstyle.

Lined Clips shimmer-crystal-daisy-hair-clip-purple

Lined clips are also known as alligator clips, single prong clips or metal clips. This type of clip pinches the two metal pieces together with a spring that resembles an alligator’s jaws. These clips are available as a standard clip – with out a ribbon lining or with a lined clip – a metal clip that has been lined and heat sealed with ribbon. Metal clips that are lined give a professional finished appearance.

Snap Clips

Snap clips are a simple and popular design of hair clip for young girls. A snap clip is made of metal and also can be lined with ribbon.  The upper piece is larger than the lower piece, and is more flexible, when pressed together they spring into a lock position. To open the snap hair clip, simply unbend the hair clip in the middle. Depending on the size of the snap clip depends on the size of the daisy flower hair clips you decide to use.

French Clips

French clips are available in metal or lined. French clips are made of two pieces of metal and has a push lever mechanism in the middle of the clip. French clips are good at holding in different amounts of hair, although you must be careful not to get the hair in between the snap.

Bobby Pins

A bobby pin is an extremely popular type of hair clip, although it does not hold weight very well. The bobby pin is often used with other hair accessories. Bobby pins are made of metal and are small and thin, with grooves in one side to hold the hair in place.

Consider Which Clips to Choose When Buying or Designing Daisy Flower Hair Clips

When buying or creating daisy flower hair clips, consider the type of hair clip that is best for the size of flower you are going to use. All the clips mentioned above are available in varying sizes that will be suitable to the design and to the age group in which you are selling to. Smaller clips are suitable for children and larger clips are important for teens to adults. A standard size – middle of the line clip will work for both age groups. The standard size is the most popular and meant to simply clip into the hair as an adornment rather than a clip to hold the hair back entirely on it’s own.

More Tips for Using Daisy Flowersmini-daisy-flower-hair-clip

Hair clips add a sense of style to those who cover their hair with daisy flower hair clips. Daisy hair accessories are a good choice to have in stock and for many occasions. For instance, add a shimmery crystal daisy flower head or crystal glitter daisies to a jaw clip. It is easy to do, with little product costs and time involvement and because they are a popular selling item.  For young girls, add a daisy flower head to a pony tail holder! Braids, ponytails and buns are the three most popular and kid friendly hairstyles!



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