DIY 4th of July Chevron Headband with Shabby Chich Rosettes

DIY 4th of july headband
For a 4th of July DIY project use a colorful Chevron Elastic Headband with clip loop in red with Shabby Chic Rosette in navy and red to brighten up an outfit this holiday.
Shabby Chic Rosette  (in red and navy)
Chevron Elastic Headband with clip loop
Round Craft Felt Pads
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DIY 4th of july headband step by step
Step by step:
Step 1:
Flip the Shabby Chic Rosette to the back and glue the round craft felt pad to the back on the rosette.
Step 2:
Flip the other color Shabby Chic Rosette on its back and glue another craft felt pad to the back of the rosette  again.
Step 3:
Get your Chevron Elastic headband ready in position for where you want your flowers to be placed.
Step 4:
Glue the back of the first rosette
Step 5:
Carefully place it on the headband where you want it and push them together.
Step 6:
Carefully glue the back of the other colored rosette and place it on the headband right next to the other one and push it down into place.
Let your new headband dry for a couple minutes!




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