DIY Feather Fairy Wings


Create a whimsical set of feathered wings for an at home DIY project. This is a fun idea to do with your little girl. Use a Marabou Feather Boa and/or the 5 Inch Marabou Fluff Puffs (with no clip) from Wholesale Girls for an affordable source for feathers.

To begin this craft project choose from the one size fits all youth sizes of Marabou Feather Butterfly Fairy Wings or Sparkle Fairy Wings from Little Girl Mart.

Supplies needed are scissors, hot gluehot glue gun and a space for crafting.

With your hot glue gun ready it is easy to start the decorating process. Apply glue directly to the wings adhering the feathers along the way. Decorate the wings by hot gluing the feathers to the border or add fluff puffs to mimic natural butterfly markings. For added volume, glue feathers to both sides of the wings.

Once the glue dries, keep your custom feathers wings for playtime or store them on the wall for your viewing enjoyment!




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