DIY Floral Bling Glamour Sunglasses


Frame your little girls gorgeous eyes with a pair of DIY Floral Bling Sunglasses. Use Mini Flowers and Rhinestone Embellishments to make an irresistible Easter outfit accessory.

Our little girl sunglasses have UV protection that shield eye’s from harmful rays of sun, which make them an ideal accessory for an Easter Egg Hunt. They are sized and shaped to fit smaller heads so your little girl can wear her shades without having to worry about them slipping and sliding down!

Choose from our solid color sunglasses for an everyday look that will protect her eyes and accent her outfit.


Glamour Sunglasses (available in Black, Hot Pink, Purple and White) $0.99/Each

Polka Dot Mini Crystal Daisy $2.49/Dozen

Mini 2 inch Sparkling Mums  $2.29/Dozen

Rhinestone Embellishments $0.89/Each

Tiny Stone Embellishment $0.69/Each

Hot Glue GunHot Glue Stick3/4 Round Craft Felt Pads and Scissors

Step 1 – To begin, you must remove the green backing off the backside of the flower by peeling it off the stem. Then, hold onto the stem and hot glue each layer of the petals together, so they won’t slip off the stem.

Step 2 – Once, the petals have been glued together, cut the green stem off so that it sits flush with the backside of the flower.

Step 3 – Next, hot glue the round craft felt pad to the backside of the flower over the nub of the stem and attach to the flower.

Step 4 – Then, add hot glue to the felt pad and attach the flower onto the arm where your temples would be under the sunglasses.

Step 5 – Repeat Steps 1-4 on the other arm of the sunglasses.

Step 6 – Add one rhinestone embellishment to the center of each flower and/or add tiny rhinestone embellishments directly onto the frames.






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