DIY Flower and Ribbon Kufi hat under a $2



Black Kufi Hat

5 Inch Zebra Print and Leopard Print Gerbera Daisies




step 1
Lay your hat down flat and make sure the seams are the on sides. Look into your hat at make sure the elastic is tucked into the fabric. If it is not, push the fabric over the elastic.

step 2
Measure ribbon around the hat to see how much you will need. Make sure you have a little extra so it can fit around a head. I used 4 extra inches.

step 3
start to weave the ribbon through the hat’s holes on the 2nd row from the top.  Don’t pull the ribbon too tight or it will make the hat scrunch and be too tight to wear. You want to keep it as flat as you can.

step 4
Once you make it back around cut the ribbon at a 45 degree angle  and heat seal or glue the ends.

step 6
Over lap the ends so they are flush together.

step 5
Glue the back of the flower with a small amount of glue and push it down over the ends of the ribbon.

Note: You want it to look loose so it can stretch and fit over a head.

kufi hat with flower and ribbon done

Kufi hat on model alternateyoutube_video_little_girl_martWSG_Logo

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