DIY: Design Your Daughter an Over The Top Outfit!

Fun DIY! Take advantage of the abundance of clothing, accessories and shoes available through Wholesale Girls to create an over-the-top outfit for your daughter! Test your designer skills and create a weekend fun outfit for her enjoyment.

Check out this little diva for instance! She looks picture perfect in a crochet tube top with the Posh Pink Mix Over the Top Headband with Sequin Tutu from Little Girl Mart and a set of Sparkle Fairy Wings from Wholesale Girls.


To get started, browse the Wholesale Girls website and pick out one of the featured Over the Top Headbands.

 Take notice of the Posh Pink Mix, Pretty in Pink, Red and White Polka Dot or Ritzy Red Hearts Over the Top Headband that arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day!

These headbands are truly magnificent with a puff of flowing colorful feathers, a mix of ribbons, and a soft elastic band! Get a Purple Cheetah, Funky Pink Zebra or Pink Safari Diva Over the Top Headband to bring the  fierceness out in your daughter’s wardrobe! With cutesy names like the Princess Pastel or Tutti Frutti these Over the Top Headbands will be her new favorite hair accessory!

Match the Over the Top Headband with a Tutu and Crochet Tube Top from Little Girl Mart!


Then, search Little Girl Mart and Wholesale Girls for numerous accessories!

Find all kinds of accessories from legwarmers to sunglasses in her favorite colors!


For example, create a custom brooch for this Lined Crochet Tube Top by attaching a White Ostrich Feather Puff with Clip and a 5 Inch Crystal Tropical Flower with Clip!


Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial. Please check out the Kay Boutique You Tube Channel for the most recent video tutorial on this topic.

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