DIY Topiary Trees

Topiary by definition is known as the art of training living trees and shrubs into artificial, decorative shapes. The earliest topiary art forms were probably the simple development of edgings, cones, columns, and spires to accent a garden scene. Contemporary use includes holiday decor, event centerpieces and more! Whether it be an odd or ornamental, each one of us can explore this type of artistry of making decorative shapes.

Let our Wholesale Girls products and supplies inspire your own tree-like art form!

 Products: Marabou Butterfly ($0.99 each), Tiny Stone Embellishment ($0.69 each), Pearl Center Chiffon  Flower Embellishment ($0.99 each), 4 inch Smoothfoam Balls ($2.49 each), Silk Rose Petals (100 for $0.69)  Supplies: Glue GunCraft Glue and Glue AccessoriesStretch Elastic by the YardTulle, Flower Pot, Dowel or  Natural Stick, Scissors

Before you begin, review how-to make a tulle puff ball. Check out our DIY blog How To: Make A Decorative Tulle Ball  and watch the video tutorial  How-To:  Make Decorative Tulle Ball.

Next, wrap your stick with elastic and hot glue the tulle ball to one end. Insert the other end of the stick into the styrofoam ball to hold the stick in place in the flower pot. Place the styrofoam ball in the bottom of the flower pot and cover with silk rose petals. Then, hot glue the marabou butterfly to the tulle ball and surround with pearl center chiffon flower embellishments. Lastly, accent the tulle ball with tiny stone embellishments.


Try using a Pomander Ball instead of a tulle puff ball and stick. Simply, place the pomander ball on top of a decorative flower pot and display as desired.

Please email or call us at (406) 222-4853 to custom order a pomander ball kit.


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