DIY: Tutu Puff Princess Fairy Wand

Find yourself wondering what to do with a worn out tutu? Well, there are countless crafts to create with the used tulle material from your little one’s tired tutu.

Today’s tutorial highlights recycling the tulle to make a Tutu Puff Princess Fairy Wand!!



Step 1: Create the tulle puff ball. To recap the art of making the tulle puff ball check out our DIY blog How To: Make A Decorative Tulle Ball  and review the video tutorial  How-To:  Make Decorative Tulle Ball Once you have created the tulle puff ball you are ready to begin putting together your wand (steps 2-5).

Step 2: Create the wand handle. Begin wrapping the wooden stick with lace. I am using a 1 1/2 foot stick that I found outside. Add hot glue on the bottom of the stick to secure the lace and continue to add hot glue as you work your way up.  Once you’ve finished wrapping the stick, cut the lace off and secure the end of the lace with hot glue.


Step 3. Hot glue 4 pieces of extra lace to the side of the soon-to-be wand. The lace should be hanging and free flowing.


Step 4: Attach the tulle puff ball. Add hot glue to the top of the wand; above where the lace is hanging. Place the tulle puff ball on top and hold until the glue dries.


Step 5: Fluff the tulle to hide where the wooden stick is attached.


Pair this playtime accessory with a set of Sparkle Fairy Wings ($2.99 each) from Little Girl Mart.


Looking for more colors of tulle? Wholesale Girls offers a variety of tulle rolls in black, brown, lime, pink, red, and white for $9.95.

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Please check out the Wholesale Girls You Tube Channel for more DIY tutorials.

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