Headbands Fit For A Princess At Wholesale Girls

Headbands Fit For A Princess!

At Wholesale Girls you are sure to find Headbands Fit For A Princess! The number one selling headbands are those that provide A wow factor. This does not mean that the headband has to be bright and big. A small beautifully made headband will have the same eye catching effect.  Read on to see how simple it really is to make a princess perfect headband.

What to look for in Headbands Fit For A Princess.Wholesale-Girls-Shabby-Flowers-For-Headbands

Looking for that perfect headband is easier than you think! The most important detail is to pay attention to the age in which you are making the headband for. For 3 years and under, pay attention to the chocking hazard and to the fact that babies have soft gentle heads. Then start with the type of headband you want to use. There are hard arch headbands for older children and adults to soft and stretchy materials used to create luxurious looking headbands to trendy fashionable eye popping headbands.

Add the Main Attraction.

Adding the center piece or main attraction to your headband lends to many glorious options. Flower heads such as a singed or burnt peony with a shiny rhinestone embellishment or pearl cluster adds a classy touch to an interchangeable stretch lace headband. Or choose a daisy head and layer it with multiple colors for a fun summer appeal. Shabby flowers are always a great choice as well.

Finishing Touches.

Add just a touch of fancy such as pearl strings, feathers, embellishments or other wholesale boutique supplies. Make sure the embellishments do not blend in too much as they will fade the center piece away and not give that extra flair that you are looking for. Also, don’t over do it! Make sure your center piece is showing and your embellishments add to the theme.

Put It All Together.

You will need a glue gun and glue sticks to nicely secure your Headbands Fit For A Princess project. Another choice is to use a needle and thread and sew each piece together, tightly securing all the components of the headband. However, using the proper glue gun and glue sticks ensures your headbands security and durability.

Not In The Mood To Make A Headband?

Do not fret. Wholesale Girls offers a solid collection of Girls Headbands, Rosette Headbands, Tie or Knot Headbands, Big Bow Headbands, Chiffon Headbands, Baby Headbands and Beautiful Bands for all ages. Discover Headbands Fit For A Princess here and you will be amazed at the selection!



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