The Best Videos of Hairstyles with Bows


It’s not always easy to learn how to style your hair by just reading about it. Even with the most detailed steps, it can be difficult to get it right. A video can be much easier to follow because you can see what the person is doing. Since there are millions of YouTube videos on hairstyles with bows, we decided to choose the best ones for you to make it easier.

8 Quick & Easy Everday Hairstyle Using Hair Bows

This is a great video because you get more than one to choose from when you watch it completely. You may want to bookmark it, so you can come back and try a different style the next time. What’s wonderful about it is that all of the hairstyles are easy, and they look good on all ages.

Hairstyles with Bows

This is for our younger audience because this teen shows you how easy it is to create beautiful styles with a hair bow. Some of them are obviously simple, but there are a lot ideas you may not have thought of yet. The creator of this video “ShayBrit” does have really long hair, but most of the styles can be done on those with shorter hair.

6 Cute, Easy, Quick Heatless Hairstyles Using Bows

This is another one for our younger crowd. Michelle Nicole does a great job showing us how to create unique hairstyle such as the twist half up with bow. You get 6 different ones in this video.

Cute Retro 60s Hair Bun for Medium Long Hair

This video shows you how to do a retro 60s bun with the bow at the bottom of it. It’s really cute. It’s not as easy as the others mentioned here, but with practice you can do it just like the girl in the video does it.

It may be easier to try these hairstyles on someone else first. This way you can see how it works, and then replicate the movements with your hair. Practice makes perfect, so just keep at it if you don’t get it the first time.

Having Fun with Bows This Spring

Springtime is the best time to start wearing bows in your hair. They are cute, come in fun spring colors, and just look springy!

At Wholesale Girls, we have plenty of bows to choose from that will help you with all of your hairstyles. We have the lowest prices around and the biggest selection available. You can buy one for every outfit you own, or buy a few of them for your sports team or group. It can be very cute to use the same bows, so everyone looks the same to show spirit for your organization.

All orders over $50 will receive free domestic shipping. Just choose what you would like and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Give these styles a try, and by the time you receive the bows, you will be an expert at them. You will then be able to use the bows with all of the hairstyles to make them look beautiful.

Do you have a video or hairstyle with bow you would like to share with our readers? Please leave a comment below with the link to the video or let us know about your unique hairstyle.




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Rhinestone Embellishments at Wholesale Girls

Rhinestone Embellishments

Welcome to Wholesale Girls! And the opportunity to add glitz, glam and shimmer into your fashionable selection of hats, headbands, hair bows, flower clips and more with Rhinestone Embellishments!

At Wholesale Girls, we sell Rhinestone Embellishments that are a full three-quarters of an inch in diameter, creating lots of sparkle. Our glittering Rhinestone Embellishments feature a sparkling center stone that is surrounded by additional stones, creating a stunning appeal.

Our Rhinestone Embellishments are perfect for many different types of projects. Each of these adorable rhinestones are crafted from quality stones, giving them an elegant appearance that is hard to resist. When you think pretty, think Rhinestone Embellishments at Wholesale Girls!

Rhinestone Embellishments

Tiny Stone Embellishmentstiny stone rhinestone embellishment

Tiny Stone Embellishments feature a center stone surrounded by 8 smaller stunning stones. These rhinestone embellishments are perfect for any season, any special occasion, and any fashionable outfit or head wear. They are easy to match up with different styles of fabrics and prints too!

Glittering bits of feminine finery, our rhinestone embellishments and Tiny Stone Embellishments are must-have accessories for any fashionista! Rhinestones may not be diamonds, but they sure are pretty to look at and wear.

Check out our collection of rhinestone embellishments and discover their beauty for yourself.

This beautiful collection of sparkling trimmings featured by Wholesale Girls includes a generous assortment of:

  • Rhinestone Embellishments sold individually
  • Tiny Stone Embellishments sold individually
  • Tiny Stone Embellishments 50-piece lot

Wholesale Girls Tiny Stone Embellishments are very popular, we sell these glittering rhinestones in a 50-piece lot as well as individually.

Add Embellishments to Create Spectacular Designs

No matter what you are decorating, our rhinestone embellishment collection is a perfect choice. Use them to create a spectacular design on cotton tees, headbands, shoes or velvet hats for an extra touch of fashion.

Embellishments are so easy to add to an outfit, when designing shoes, headbands or any fashion accessory. Embellishments allow you to create an entirely new look at very little cost. From acrylic embellishments to tiny hair bows to round crystal embellishments to crochet daisy embellishments. You have so many options that you can use to add a touch of color and glamour to your crochet hats, colorful tutus, hair clips, and more.

Embellishments can be used to brighten up an otherwise dull or plain outfit or fashion accessory. Embellishments can also be used to create your own style of hair barrettes using hair clips or alligator clips.

Glittery embellishments such as round crystals add a nice touch of shine and brightness that is easily noticed. No matter what type of embellishments you decide to use, the end result is a more attractive and visually appealing look.

Why not purchase several varieties of embellishments and try them out for yourself?

acrylic flatback stone embellishments

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Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls At Wholesale Girls

Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls

Wholesale Girls offers Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls for all of your crafting needs. Check out our variety of tulle rolls here and you will see the organza rolls as well. This is stuff your crafting dreams are made of. Let your imagine go wild and your creative ideas flow into action with our tulle and organza!

Creative Uses for Tulle

Of course tulle can be used for tutus! We all know how fun this can be, here are a few more exciting ideas to consider when creating with tulle.Tulle-Rolls-Pink-Tulle-Roll-DIY-Tutu

Tulle Wreaths

Tulle Headbands

Pom Poms

Tulle Crowns

Tulle Table Clothes

Here are a few helpful hints when working with tulle.

Do I have to sew a hem when working with tulle? If you are making a Halloween Costume, Tulle Skirt or Tutu for example you do not need to worry about a hem. Tulle can easily be cut to the length you need and that’s it. No need for a hem. However, if you are going for more stability and poof, simply turn under the tulle to create a hem and sew a straight stitch. Overall, the answer is no you do not have to sew a hem when working with tulle.

Tulle edges do not fray so they can be left unfinished. You can use this to your benefit to create scalloped edges or decorative designs.

When cutting tulle for patterns, keep in mind that tulle will have more stretch in the width rather than the length.

When sewing with tulle, be certain to stitch slowly to prevent gathering or puckering of the tulle material.

Never Iron Tulle – it will melt. It’s a good idea to place a towel on the top of the tulle fabric and check that your iron is set to the lowest setting.


Creative Uses for Organza

Organza fabric is a crisp see through fabric that is light weight and thin with fine texture and a slight sheen. Organza is known for it’s shimmery quality that catches and reflects light. Because of this quality, organza is often the choice over tulle for bridal gowns, veils, high quality flower heads, ribbon necklaces and beautiful dresses. Working with organza rolls takes a bit of getting use to. The fabric is slippery to work with and will require a slight more effort than other fabrics. Organza Rolls and fabrics are transparent yet strong.

Organza Rolls are ideal for making:

Flower Heads to attach to a clip, hair bow, headband, pin or apparel. For example peonies and soft flowing flowers

Necklace ribbon, organza ribbon is often used for making a necklace that you can hang a pendant.

Bridal Wear and Wedding Decorations. Organza is a stunning choice for Veils and Wedding Gowns


The difference between Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls

Tulle is a mesh material that is considered a knit fabric. Tulle is most commonly used over organza because it does not fray and available in a broad range of colors. Tulle rolls are less expensive than organza rolls. Tulle is made of nylon.

Organza is a shimmering silky material made of silk, silk filaments, polyester, nylon or other fibers. Organza is a woven fabric that will fray when cut.


Tulle and Organza are perfect crafting materials! tulle rolls and organza rolls

They are beautiful and easy to use once you have an understanding of how to choose which material works best for your project.  Browse our collection of tulle and organza rolls here. If you do not see the color you are looking for send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. Share your creation! Send us your recent creation or post it on Facebook.


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Baby Sun Hat and Infant Blank Sun Hats at Wholesale Girls

Baby Sun Hat

Did you know that a baby sun hat provides protection from the harmful sun, helps keep your babies head cool and the sun out of their eyes?sun hats

You will love our cute and comfortable baby sun hats are sized specifically for babies ages 0-12 months. Sold in four colors pink, white, blue and zebra print.

You will appreciate our quality. Each hat is made from 40g double ply 100 percent cotton featuring a convenient adjustable three snap chin strap and 2 inch brim. If you do not like a chin strap, you can easily cut out the straps with out any damage to the hat.


Baby Girl Hats

Every little baby girl needs a sun hat. Wholesale Girls offers the perfect solution. Our baby sun hats will match her sun dress, swimming suit and everyday apparel.

Offering wash and wear comfort, style and ease of use.  These baby cotton hats are extremely comfortable and easy to put on and take off, and you can simply throw the hat in your bag with out fear of damaging or wrinkling the hat.

Add your own style with a flower head, hair bow or marabou puff. Being creative with these hats are part of the fun. You can purchase one of each color to mix and match for all of her outfits.

baby sun hats, infant sun hats, baby girl sun hats

Baby Boy Hatsbaby_accessory_sun_hat_legwarmer

Baby blue hats and white baby sun hat for boys are the ideal colors for your little guy. These are rugged ready to go hats that are easy to wash and wear. A must have for everyday living. If you want to add some charm, simply iron on an applique of your choice.

Baby Sun Hat Blanks for Wholesale and Retail

Do you have a Retail, Embroidery, Silk Screen, hat making business, Etsy or Ebay Shop? Wholesale Girls provides baby sun hats are a great source of income for your store. Offering quality made baby sun hats that are consistent and available in the quantity you are looking for. You can buy them by the piece or in bulk.

These infant blank sun hats are ideal for embroidering, silk screening, adding hair bows, flower heads, hot fix rhinestones and iron on appliques.

Your choice, your design. With all the popular colors of white, blue, pink and zebra print in stock and ready to ship today.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help.  Email: Phone 406-222-4853.

sun_hat_alternate3 copyinfant blanks sun hatFlower Baby Sun Hat, Baby Sun Hat


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Stylish Girls’ Hairstyles with Bow

Did you know bows are back?! Little girls to big girls are now using them for the prettiest hairstyles. We thought it would be fun to show off some of our favorite hairstyles with bows to give you some ideas on what you can do with all of the ones you purchase from us.


This one is so beautiful and easy to do. Part the front part of the hair and grab a bunch towards the center of the head. Braid it back and then secure it with a bobby pin. Do the same to the other side. Now, move down on the side of the head, and grab some hair there. Braid that all the way back and do the same to the other side. Put the four braids together, and secure it with an elastic. Finish it up with a bow in the middle.

This one is similar to the previous one, but it goes into a side pony. All you need to do is grab four sections of the hair and braid them back. Bring up the rest of the hair on the side, and secure it in a ponytail. You can then add the bow to give it that beautiful finishing touch.

This is another great way to use a bow. Part the hair in the front, and then twist each side towards the back of the head. You can secure one twist with a barrette or bobby pin while you twist the other side, and then secure them both with an elastic. Place the bow on top of the elastic to make it pretty.

Tip: You can work hair into the twist or just twist the bunch of hair you’ve grabbed. Try it both ways to see which one you like the best.


Dress up a bun with a bow! Just make a bun in the middle of the back of your head or towards the top, and then place the bow directly underneath. This looks awesome when you use a bow that matches an outfit because you’re dressing up the back of the head.

Bows at Wholesale Girls

Wholesale Girls has the widest selection of girls’ bows online. You can find many different colors and patterns to match just about any outfit. Many of the bows are perfect for little girls, teens, and even adults. Bows on any age is trending now, so don’t be afraid to return to your youth by wearing them.

All of our bows are priced low, so most people can afford to buy as many as they need. If you purchase $50 or more, you will receive domestic shipping at no cost. We just want to help you and the little girls in your life look as beautiful on the outside as on the inside.

Find all of our bows here.

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Never Lose Hat or Scarves Again With Hat and Scarf Hangers

How many times have you gone to look for a hat or scarf and it’s gone? You know you’ve placed it right there in the hat/scarf storage bin or bag, but it’s gone – never to be seen again.

Since there are mysterious hat and scarf monsters that hang out in small areas, you probably should look into our Hat and Scarf Hangers, which are right here.

How They Work

Due to the unique shape of the hanger, you can slip the hat right onto the hanger from the bottom. Your hat will remain secure there, so you can hang it up. When you’re looking for the hat again, all you have to do is flip through the hangers, just like you do with your shirts.

If you would like to hang your hats and scarfs, we suggest the medium size hanger. You can place the scarf in between the two hooks on the hanger and then the hat over the bottom. Your scarf is securing draped on the hanger, and then the hat that accompanies it is secured on it too.

Think of how much time you would save if you could just pick this out of your closet!

Sizes and Prices

These are perfect for all ages. You can buy some for yourself, and some for your children and teens. They come in three sizes – small, medium, and large.

Since our hangers are so inexpensive – .75 or .56 on sale, you can buy as many as you need for all of your hats and scarfs. They really are the best way to organize your winter accessories!


Buying All You Need with Us

You can use these hat hangers and then buy the hats with us too. We have a large selection of hats for girls and boys at Little Girl Mart and Little Boy Mart. We have the largest selection of children’s hats online, and they are all made with quality materials and priced just right. Browse our hats here and here.

You don’t need to only use these hangers for hats and scarfs, either. You can use them to organize headbands. With the hooks on the small and medium sizes, you can place headbands on the hanger. You can then hang it on the back of a bathroom door or in your little girl’s room. Each morning, you won’t have any trouble find the best headband for her outfit. Say goodbye to the huge pile of headbands on your bathroom countertop!

Why stop with headbands? You can do it with bows too. You can clip bows to the hanger and then hang it up just like you would with the headband. How nice is that? You can then not only find what you need when you need it, but you can show them off too. By the way, we also have a large assortment of bows at Wholesale Girls, so check them out here. They are all priced inexpensively because we know how much you love being able to buy a variety of them for your little girl.

Remember! Whenever you spend over $50, you won’t have to pay shipping. So, have fun with these hangers by buying them in bulk, and then use them to organize your hats, scarfs, bows, headbands, or anything else they will hold. It’s an organizer’s dream!

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