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Featuring Wholesale Girls most Popular Summer Items

Summer is well underway and it feels great.  Birds are chirping, dogs are barking, sun is shining and if you know anything about Livingston, MT, Well you know the wind is blowing.  I like the idea of a gentle breeze on a hot day, but to tell you the truth, this wind drives me ~crazy~!  It is sure a good thing we have so many options for the summer time blues. Or at least my summer time blues. The trends of the summer are already clear…the cutest rompers, dresses, and of course the swimming suits!  Wholesale Girls most popular Summer Items features many items that you can use for Weddings, Parties, and DIY projects. If you are needing to accessorize that wardrobe or add the perfect look for that special occasion, Check out our most popular items for the season.


      Chunky Hair Bow

Wholesale-girls-most-popular-summer-items-irregular-chunky-hair-bows-without-clipOur Chunky hair bows come in a variety of colors and gives you an option for every outfit.  Clip a Large Chunky bow on a crochet headband, placing the bow off center. Or give those oh-so-easy pig tails a lift with two small bows.  I for one, am a huge fan of these because of the versatility.  Think about the options with a flower girl dress.  Add a little flair so make that dress unique for the wedding of the summer.  The little girl in my life is not big on getting her hair all done up.  She would rather have it tangled and messy…Uhhgg!  I sometimes tell her at meal time she gets more of her hair in her mouth, than food.  Having a simple bow in her hair is a great compromise for both Mom and daughter.:)



Tulle for Wedding favors

tulle_group_no watermark

Our soft fine mesh tulle can be used in a number of crafting projects.  One of  Wholesale Girls most popular Summer Items is a great material for making tulle puffs and adding layers to your headband, flower clip and hair accessory DIY projects.(look for our upcoming Bridal Halo blog!) The 100 yard spools are ideal for wedding favors, decorations, resellers, or any crafting needs. We offer a wide range of colors so that you can coordinate to your wedding, holiday and crafting theme. This is the perfect choice for adding a romantic touch to clothing or accessories because it is so delicate, light and airy.


  Bridal or Flower Halos

flower-headbands-redOur high quality Flower halo features blooming rosettes atop a brown leather headband. The leather is intertwined with a gorgeous green satin material that twists and twirls into beautiful leaves.  The headband is great because of its stretchy black band to fit all ages.  A perfect summer accessory or as a final touch to a flower girl outfit…which leads me to the delicate, whimsical Bridal halo we offer.  It also is a perfect touch for a bride-in-training.  Our Bridal Halo has small white satin roses set on little green leaves along the band and tails of ribbon.  These Wholesale Girls most Popular Summer Items are so beautiful set against any dress for a special occasion.

*Look for our upcoming Bridal Halo blog for great options to make your Halo unique.*


Princess Puff Hair Bow


A Princess Puff Hair Bow gives that little princess of yours some flair and pizzazz.  Now this Wholesale Girls most Popular Summer Items has some personality if I do say so myself.  Offering many prints and many colors! The added marabou is the icing on the cake.  You will find a special princess puff bow for every occasion and holiday.   Summer time sales are hot with this bow so take a look at all the options you have to make this one of your best sellers!




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