Reach Your Inner Child for Father’s Day

Reach your Inner Child…Father’s Day at Wholesale Girls…Family Supply ProjectFathers-day-craft-little-boy-mart-tie

LEAPFROGSun is Shining today, No Wind!  Whoop, Whoop!  I have to say that I am very happy I can walk outside without feeling like I might fall over. I am getting geared up for a beautiful summer weekend.  What are y’all doing over the weekend?  It is Father’s Day remember.  Father’s Day at Wholesale Girls offers craft supplies to help make gorgeous cards or bling out a tie.  Look over our supplies for your special day craft needs. In our area, we have a parade the kids enjoy on Sunday morning.  Then a rodeo to follow in the afternoon.  It is a great event for a day of celebration with their father.  A few years ago, the kids and I were so excited about an idea we saw in a magazine to let their dad know how much they love him.  It was a huge success, a “blast” you could say, pun intended.  I want to share it with you because it brought so much joy for all involved!  Okay so all the supplies you need are:



  • Balloons (Don’t get cheap ones, you’ll understand why having stronger ones is much better:)



  • Construction Paper-several colorss0219628_sc7

  • Permanent Marker754871_p

  • ScissorsThe-Original-Orange-Handled-Scissors-8


    You and thegloodle_pink_glitter_glue_with_4_tips kids start writing special memories, “I Love You” notes, anything that will make their dad feel great.  You can spice these up a little with our Glitter Glue or Neon Glue.  For Father’s Day at Wholesale Girls we also have a Gloodle for more precise pictures your little artist might like to draw.  Transfer these notes to about 2″x3″ pieces of paper(that is what the scissors are for).  Each child could just use one color and when all this is over he’ll know who the note is from or just use a variety…whatever floats your boat.  Fold the paper in as small and skinny of piece as you can.  Start filling the balloons up with glitter_glue-680x680_1one note per balloon.  After this step is completed start using your lungs and fill those babies up with air.  When the time is right, the fun begins.  Sunday morning after a yummy breakfast, tell dad you have a game for him to partake in.  The goal is for the dad to read the notes the kids made only after he pops each balloon, One. By. One.  This is where I feel a tad mischievous.  It is so fun to watch, especially when they try to sit on a balloon(Having the stronger balloon can make all the difference). *Hint: Don’t blow the balloons up too full with air, it makes them harder to pop and is hilarious to watch!



acrylic flatback stone embellishments

Our Flat Back Round Clear Acrylic Embellishments(pictured above) are perfect for Cards, giving Ties a little extra bling, or decorating a Little Note!

Wholesale Girls hopes your Father’s Day is Wonderful!!

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