Rhinestone Embellishments at Wholesale Girls

Rhinestone Embellishments

Welcome to Wholesale Girls! And the opportunity to add glitz, glam and shimmer into your fashionable selection of hats, headbands, hair bows, flower clips and more with Rhinestone Embellishments!

At Wholesale Girls, we sell Rhinestone Embellishments that are a full three-quarters of an inch in diameter, creating lots of sparkle. Our glittering Rhinestone Embellishments feature a sparkling center stone that is surrounded by additional stones, creating a stunning appeal.

Our Rhinestone Embellishments are perfect for many different types of projects. Each of these adorable rhinestones are crafted from quality stones, giving them an elegant appearance that is hard to resist. When you think pretty, think Rhinestone Embellishments at Wholesale Girls!

Rhinestone Embellishments

Tiny Stone Embellishmentstiny stone rhinestone embellishment

Tiny Stone Embellishments feature a center stone surrounded by 8 smaller stunning stones. These rhinestone embellishments are perfect for any season, any special occasion, and any fashionable outfit or head wear. They are easy to match up with different styles of fabrics and prints too!

Glittering bits of feminine finery, our rhinestone embellishments and Tiny Stone Embellishments are must-have accessories for any fashionista! Rhinestones may not be diamonds, but they sure are pretty to look at and wear.

Check out our collection of rhinestone embellishments and discover their beauty for yourself.

This beautiful collection of sparkling trimmings featured by Wholesale Girls includes a generous assortment of:

  • Rhinestone Embellishments sold individually
  • Tiny Stone Embellishments sold individually
  • Tiny Stone Embellishments 50-piece lot

Wholesale Girls Tiny Stone Embellishments are very popular, we sell these glittering rhinestones in a 50-piece lot as well as individually.

Add Embellishments to Create Spectacular Designs

No matter what you are decorating, our rhinestone embellishment collection is a perfect choice. Use them to create a spectacular design on cotton tees, headbands, shoes or velvet hats for an extra touch of fashion.

Embellishments are so easy to add to an outfit, when designing shoes, headbands or any fashion accessory. Embellishments allow you to create an entirely new look at very little cost. From acrylic embellishments to tiny hair bows to round crystal embellishments to crochet daisy embellishments. You have so many options that you can use to add a touch of color and glamour to your crochet hats, colorful tutus, hair clips, and more.

Embellishments can be used to brighten up an otherwise dull or plain outfit or fashion accessory. Embellishments can also be used to create your own style of hair barrettes using hair clips or alligator clips.

Glittery embellishments such as round crystals add a nice touch of shine and brightness that is easily noticed. No matter what type of embellishments you decide to use, the end result is a more attractive and visually appealing look.

Why not purchase several varieties of embellishments and try them out for yourself?

acrylic flatback stone embellishments

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