DIY: Shabby Chic Over The Top Headbands

Find your favorite items to create a custom Shabby Chic Over The Top Headband for your little girl.

DIY headbands are a terrific craft project. Headbands come in a variety of colors and themes, but over the top headbands are voluminous. Create all types of diy over the top headbands with the abundance of products available through Wholesale Girls.

Pick up a headband, hair bow, feather puff and a few flowers to craft a custom work of fashionable art! Look at the examples and product lists below of do-it-yourself over the top headbands.

Go to our Closeout section to find really unique items at even better prices. Find items like $0.99 pearl lace hair bow$0.69 rose blooms with crystal center and $0.74 rosette hair bows!

Let Wholesale Girls be your one stop shop for hair accessory supplies!

1.5 Inch Felt Craft Pads (100 count for $1.35)
Hot Glue Gun (available for $6.99 each)
Hot Glue Stick








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