Basket of Rainbows! Happy Monday!

Here’s a basket of rainbows for your Monday morning! Look what one of our creative customers did with our Tie Dye 2 inch Mini Crystal Daises! A cheery DIY birthday card! (and flowers are only $1.50 a dozen with our 50% sale – use codes: wsg15 & flash)   #DIY

Blossoming 3D Greeting Cards DIY

Surprise your favorite people with a DIY greeting card! Send your announcements, holidays or party invitations in style! Blossoming 3D Greeting Cards are simple to make – yet so cute! Use these cards to send a special message! Customize homemade or store-bought cards by attaching flowers or hair bows using a hot glue gun. Mini 2 Inch Sparkling Mums ($1.97 per Dozen) Silk Roses ($0.99 each) 5 inch […]