The Best Videos of Hairstyles with Bows


It’s not always easy to learn how to style your hair by just reading about it. Even with the most detailed steps, it can be difficult to get it right. A video can be much easier to follow because you can see what the person is doing. Since there are millions of YouTube videos on hairstyles with bows, we decided to choose the best ones for you to make it easier.

8 Quick & Easy Everday Hairstyle Using Hair Bows

This is a great video because you get more than one to choose from when you watch it completely. You may want to bookmark it, so you can come back and try a different style the next time. What’s wonderful about it is that all of the hairstyles are easy, and they look good on all ages.

Hairstyles with Bows

This is for our younger audience because this teen shows you how easy it is to create beautiful styles with a hair bow. Some of them are obviously simple, but there are a lot ideas you may not have thought of yet. The creator of this video “ShayBrit” does have really long hair, but most of the styles can be done on those with shorter hair.

6 Cute, Easy, Quick Heatless Hairstyles Using Bows

This is another one for our younger crowd. Michelle Nicole does a great job showing us how to create unique hairstyle such as the twist half up with bow. You get 6 different ones in this video.

Cute Retro 60s Hair Bun for Medium Long Hair

This video shows you how to do a retro 60s bun with the bow at the bottom of it. It’s really cute. It’s not as easy as the others mentioned here, but with practice you can do it just like the girl in the video does it.

It may be easier to try these hairstyles on someone else first. This way you can see how it works, and then replicate the movements with your hair. Practice makes perfect, so just keep at it if you don’t get it the first time.

Having Fun with Bows This Spring

Springtime is the best time to start wearing bows in your hair. They are cute, come in fun spring colors, and just look springy!

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Give these styles a try, and by the time you receive the bows, you will be an expert at them. You will then be able to use the bows with all of the hairstyles to make them look beautiful.

Do you have a video or hairstyle with bow you would like to share with our readers? Please leave a comment below with the link to the video or let us know about your unique hairstyle.




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