There is no such thing as a crafting problem, just an organizational issue… We know it’s hard to keep all your crafting supplies organized especially when you buy in wholesale. But we’ve got your back here with a list of great ideas for organizing your wholesale crafts at home to save on space.

5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Crafts

tips-for-organizing-crafts-Mason-jars-with-twine_2-wholesale-girls1. Mason Jars

Mason jars are always cool.  You can always find new ways of decorating them and they’re quite robust for organizational purposes too.

Acasarella shows a very cool way to organize twine using a daisy lid with a mason jar.

Buy daisy lids for mason jars on Amazon here.


tips-for-organizing-crafts-mason-jars-screwed-inKeep the jars off tabletops and surfaces by screwing the lids to the bottom of a shelf!

2. Can’t Stop Buying Ribbon?

That’s ok! Maybe organizing your twine and ribbon through mason jars is really more a cute idea, but you’ve got way more ribbon and twine than mason jars.  Try using a tie hanger that has multiple rods and thread your ribbon and twin on those hangers.


3. Wall Hanging Organization

tips-for-organizing-crafts-shoe-organizer-wall-hanging-wholesale-girlsUse also as a window shade, a shoe organizer makes a great crafting curtain!

I’ve seen a few people using this tactic and some say they like the clear ones better because they can quickly see and find what they’re looking for, but many also say that these solid white ones have more of a charm to them.

What do you think?


4. Magnets!

Covering a magnetic board with fabric is a breeze for you crafters.  Use magnetic spice tins to organize small things like beads. You can see through the lids so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for when it’s all at eye level.


5. Plastic Sleeve Sheets

Typically used for organizing baseball or other trading cards, a few sheets of plastic sleeves are a great way to organize small stickers, craft cutouts, and wholesale embellishments.


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