Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls At Wholesale Girls

Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls

Wholesale Girls offers Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls for all of your crafting needs. Check out our variety of tulle rolls here and you will see the organza rolls as well. This is stuff your crafting dreams are made of. Let your imagine go wild and your creative ideas flow into action with our tulle and organza!

Creative Uses for Tulle

Of course tulle can be used for tutus! We all know how fun this can be, here are a few more exciting ideas to consider when creating with tulle.Tulle-Rolls-Pink-Tulle-Roll-DIY-Tutu

Tulle Wreaths

Tulle Headbands

Pom Poms

Tulle Crowns

Tulle Table Clothes

Here are a few helpful hints when working with tulle.

Do I have to sew a hem when working with tulle? If you are making a Halloween Costume, Tulle Skirt or Tutu for example you do not need to worry about a hem. Tulle can easily be cut to the length you need and that’s it. No need for a hem. However, if you are going for more stability and poof, simply turn under the tulle to create a hem and sew a straight stitch. Overall, the answer is no you do not have to sew a hem when working with tulle.

Tulle edges do not fray so they can be left unfinished. You can use this to your benefit to create scalloped edges or decorative designs.

When cutting tulle for patterns, keep in mind that tulle will have more stretch in the width rather than the length.

When sewing with tulle, be certain to stitch slowly to prevent gathering or puckering of the tulle material.

Never Iron Tulle – it will melt. It’s a good idea to place a towel on the top of the tulle fabric and check that your iron is set to the lowest setting.


Creative Uses for Organza

Organza fabric is a crisp see through fabric that is light weight and thin with fine texture and a slight sheen. Organza is known for it’s shimmery quality that catches and reflects light. Because of this quality, organza is often the choice over tulle for bridal gowns, veils, high quality flower heads, ribbon necklaces and beautiful dresses. Working with organza rolls takes a bit of getting use to. The fabric is slippery to work with and will require a slight more effort than other fabrics. Organza Rolls and fabrics are transparent yet strong.

Organza Rolls are ideal for making:

Flower Heads to attach to a clip, hair bow, headband, pin or apparel. For example peonies and soft flowing flowers

Necklace ribbon, organza ribbon is often used for making a necklace that you can hang a pendant.

Bridal Wear and Wedding Decorations. Organza is a stunning choice for Veils and Wedding Gowns


The difference between Tulle Rolls and Organza Rolls

Tulle is a mesh material that is considered a knit fabric. Tulle is most commonly used over organza because it does not fray and available in a broad range of colors. Tulle rolls are less expensive than organza rolls. Tulle is made of nylon.

Organza is a shimmering silky material made of silk, silk filaments, polyester, nylon or other fibers. Organza is a woven fabric that will fray when cut.


Tulle and Organza are perfect crafting materials! tulle rolls and organza rolls

They are beautiful and easy to use once you have an understanding of how to choose which material works best for your project.  Browse our collection of tulle and organza rolls here. If you do not see the color you are looking for send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help you find what you are looking for. Share your creation! Send us your recent creation or post it on Facebook.


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